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We often only adjust our lifestyle when it’s too late – but it doesn’t
have to be that way. With a lifestyle and blood examination from
PREPTIC, you gain insight into your health and receive guidance
on improving your lifestyle. This way, we assist you in achieving a
longer and more vital life.

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Have you arranged the mandatory Preventive Medical Examination (PME) for your employees? Our nurse will come to your organisation to carry out a PME, anywhere in the Netherlands.

How healthy are you? With our health check, you gain insight into your current health in understandable language. Our nurse can visit you without a referral.

Our nurse would be happy to come to your organisation to carry out a PME, anywhere in the Netherlands.

Blood collection at your home? Our nurse will visit you without a referral.


At PREPTIC, we believe in the power and value of preventive medical examination, because prevention is always better than cure. Interestingly, most preventive health checks in the Netherlands are not as comprehensive or understandable. While hospitals often focus on treating illnesses, our mission is to provide insight into your health, guiding you towards a more vital life.


Lifestyle check 1

You fill out a questionnaire about your lifestyle and health in a secure online portal.

Measurement and blood collection 2

Our nurse visits your home or workplace for measurement and blood collection.

Laboratory analysis 3

Your blood is analysed in our ISO-certified laboratory.

Personal advice 4

Based on all results, the doctor provides personalised advice, which is explained in a phone consultation.

Concrete action plan (optional) 5

Together, we can start on a program, where you work on improving your health with the help of a coach.

We recommend scheduling a follow-up examination to measure improvements after completing the program.

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Why preptic?

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Medical professionals

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Personal advice

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Solid plan

Our vital customers

“Our customers would like to be completely taken care of. That’s why gaining insight into your health with us is accessible, understandable and personal.”

June van der Werf – Founder of PREPTIC