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Frequently asked questions and answers

View the frequently asked questions about PREPTIC here or search the website using the search bar.


I'm very unsure, what's the best thing to do?

It is very understandable that you have doubts. Do you have a fear of needles, are you still not sure which research suits your situation or do you just want more information before making a choice? We understand that and will easily solve this for you. Schedule a free consultation and we will remove all your doubts.

In which laboratory will my blood be tested?

We collaborate with the medical laboratoryMVSZ dr. Stein + Kollegen. The laboratoy is ISO 15189 certified.

Can my child also be tested?

Unfortunately, at the moment we only offer tests for people over the age of 18. Our advice is based on adults and the reference values ​​from the laboratory are also for 18 years and older.

We are working hard to be able to test people under the age of 18 in the future.

Why can I only book one health check at a time?

You can only book a health check for yourself and you can book one at a time
If you want to have several markers from different health checks tested, we advise you to book Total Health. In this health check we test for all markers from the offered health checks.

Can I have blood drawn throughout the Netherlands?

It is currently not possible to have blood drawn at another location outside Amsterdam, Rotterdam and the surrounding municipalities. We are doing everything we can to get national coverage as soon as possible, but that is not yet the case.

If you live outside the regions where we are currently active and would like to conduct an investigation, please contact and we will make an appointment at our head office in Amsterdam.

What exactly does the lifestyle research look like?

A lifestyle questionnaire will be sent by e-mail prior to the appointment with the nurse. This lifestyle questionnaire – tailored to the health check you have chosen – contains questions about your habits (eating, sleeping, exercise), any complaints and/or medication use and lifestyle. The questionnaire must be completed and returned before the appointment. During the collection appointment, the nurse will note some additional information such as blood pressure, waist circumference and heart rate, etc.

What questions are asked in the lifestyle questionnaire?

The lifestyle questionnaire consists of questions about your diet, sleeping and daily habits. Questions are asked about the frequency/duration of sporting activities. Some health checks also ask about medical history and use of medication. You will also be asked about physical and mental health symptoms.

How do you handle my data?

We work with personal data and medical data and consider Data Security to be of paramount importance. All medical data is stored separately from personal data in a secure environment, so that they can never be matched with each other. Besides the date of birth, the results do not contain any personal data. The doctor and coach can only view the file of the assigned client. The results will be sent by e-mail via Zivver’s secure environment.

It is not possible to pay for a health check via the site.

At the moment it is only possible to book a blood sample on location in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and the immediate vicinity. If you enter your address outside of these regions at checkout, it will not be possible to pay. It is possible to schedule a blood collection at the PREPTIC headquarters in Amsterdam. In that case you can contact for an appointment.

Why is my access code for the lifestyle questionnaire not working?

Did you copy the code from the email you received? Often when you copy, a space is included so that the code does not work. It is best to retype your code.

Still not working? Please contact us.


Is the nurse BIG registered?

All nurses who work for PREPTIC are BIG registered and trained to take blood. All nurses who collect blood samples for PREPTIC have also undergone additional training in advance. The nurses will always identify themselves with a PREPTIC staff card with their BIG registration number.

The sample has been collected, now what?

The nurse will ensure that your blood samples are sent to the laboratory via the Medical Post.

What if complications arise after the injection?

If you develop serious complications or if you are concerned, always call the general practitioner (post).

We describe some possible complications:
– A bruise or bruising may occur at the puncture site.
– The puncture site may be sensitive.
– Very rarely, bleeding can occur, especially in people with clotting disorders or if blood-thinning medicines are used. If bleeding occurs, press the wound well and contact the nurse or a doctor.

Do you still have a question after reading these answers? Please contact us at

What will happen to my blood?

The blood samples are tested in the laboratory for the markers from the package you have collected. The laboratory will store the samples for a maximum of 5 working days and then destroy them as medical waste. It will not be used for other studies, unless you have given explicit permission for this.

How can I prepare for the blood collection?

It is important that you have some time to sit quietly with the nurse in a private room.
Do not eat or drink more or differently than you are normally used to, so skip your colleague’s cake.
Make sure you have something to eat or drink with you after the blood collection to stabilize your blood sugar level. You will receive some dried fruit to eat after the blood collection from the nurse.

How many tubes of blood are taken?

The number of tubes of blood that is drawn differs per health check.

Energy & Stress: 3 buizen
Vitamins & Minerals: 3 tubes
Vital Organs: 4 tubes
Total Health: 4 tubes

Does the blood collection hurt?

Piercing the needle into the skin can cause a stabbing pain that is very short-lived. Draining blood generally does not hurt. If you have a fear of needles, our trained nurse will of course take this into account. They are trained to put you at ease.

If you have any questions about this, you can always contact us via chat or

How long does the blood collection take?

The appointment, including the blood collection, takes approximately 30 minutes. The nurse will ask you some short questions and record some parameters, such as waist circumference, blood pressure, etc. After that, the nurse will immediately proceed to the blood test.

Is there a PREPTIC-clinic?

Our strength is that we come to the client’s location to collect the blood. This saves a lot of time and therefore costs for the client. If it is more convenient for you to come to the head office in Amsterdam or if we are not yet active in your region, we would be happy to make an appointment with you. You can contact us at

I will be vaccinated soon, can I do the Health Check?

Yes you can. A (corona) vaccination is injected into the muscle. We collect blood through the veins. You can safely have a vaccination, even on the day of the blood collection. This has no effect on the effectiveness of the vaccine, nor on the blood result.


What will my result look like?

Click here for an example of a result.

When will I receive my results?

You will receive the results via a secure e-mail within 7 working days after taking your blood sample. Our doctor will then call you to discuss the results with you.

What does the health score on the result mean?

The health score is a number out of 100 points and says something about your overall health. This score is based on your blood values ​​and your answers to the lifestyle questionnaire.

What is hemolysis?

Hemolysis can occur if cell damage has occurred during preparation or storage, causing the red blood cells to secrete hemoglobin. However, this is not always visible to the naked eye. As a result, the results of some markers, such as potassium, LDL and AST, may be different.

The possible causes of hemolysis are diverse. The causes can be found in all aspects of the preanalytical phase; collection, transport and storage. For you as a customer, it is especially important that you have the collection done in peace. Too much stress or too high a heart rate can promote hemolysis.

What are reference values?

The reference value (or normal value) is usually not a value, but an interval within which the outcome of that examination ‘should fall’ for a particular examination. The reference values ​​depend on age, gender and other data, for example how long before the consumption was eaten.

In addition, reference values ​​depend on the analysis method used to determine them. This means that for the interpretation of a test result, reference must always be made to the corresponding reference values. Our doctors will always assess the result in conjunction with the lifestyle questionnaire.

The results show the blood values ​​that we measure from your blood. If a marker is shaded red, your value deviates from the reference value.

What will the Expert Advice look like?

The doctor will write an Expert Advice based on the laboratory results and your completed questionnaire. Here is an example of such an Expert Advice.

Who writes the Expert Advice?

The Expert Advice is written by (general) doctors who are affiliated with PREPTIC, based on your blood values ​​and your answers to the lifestyle questionnaire. This advice is explained in the 15-minute telephone consultation. If you have any questions, please contact us.

If you want a face with the doctors who work for PREPTIC, look at About Us.

How do the advices come about?

A number of doctors affiliated with PREPTIC have conducted more than 12 months of research and spent time writing protocols and algorithms in order to come to reliable advice. Each client is individually and personally assessed. Based on our protocols, the answers to the lifestyle questionnaire and the laboratory results, a tailor-made Expert Advice is written.

How will my results be shared with me?

We work with medical data and consider Data Security to be of paramount importance. The results will be sent by e-mail via Zivver’s secure environment.


Which coaching programs does PREPTIC offer?

We have chosen to offer the following three disciplines in the coaching programs:
– nutrition
– body
– mind

Most people need an extra push in these three areas, research shows.

Which coaches do you work with?

We have a strict policy for recruiting coaches. The coaches all have relevant work experience, they all run their own practice, they almost all offer an extra specialism and are prepared to work according to the PREPTIC method. All coaches have a accredited training in their discipline. Meet our coaches here.

How does the NUTRITION coaching program work?

You can follow this program for 12 weeks, 16 weeks or 24 weeks. All programs consist of: intake, personal nutritional advice, interviews and personal contact, depending on the program you choose. Look here for all the information.

How does the BODY coaching program work?

This program consists of 12 weeks of personal guidance. Depending on the intensity that suits you, there will be basic, intensive or very intensive guidance. Each program consists of personal training and personal guidance, whether or not supplemented with a training schedule. Look here for all the information.

How does the MIND coaching program work?

This program consists of 12 weeks, 16 weeks or 18 weeks of supervision. supervision. All programs consist of: intake, conversations and personal contact, depending on the program you choose. Look here for all the information.


What is Preventive Medical Examination (PMO)?

PMO stands for Preventive Medical Examination and is mandatory to offer to employees. More information about Preventive Medical Examination (PMO) can be found here.

Is a Preventive Medical Examination (PMO) mandatory?

It is legally required to offer a Preventive Medical Examination (PMO) to your employees. There is no obligation to participate in a PMO if the company offers it. With a Preventive Medical Examination (PMO), you as an employer have a means at your disposal to reduce the risk of long-term absenteeism, in addition to the profit that comes from employing healthy and fit employees, of course.

How often should I offer a Preventive Medical Examination (PMO) to my employees?

There is no legal repetition term for offering a Preventive Medical Examination (PMO). It depends on how you see it and how often your employees need it. Having a PMO performed on an annual basis for all employees helps to limit absenteeism due to illness and to identify (mental) complaints at an early stage. We are happy to think along with you about the profit that it can bring. Schedule a free consultation.

Which blood values are examined in the Preventive Medical Examination (PMO)?

The following blood values ​​are examined in the special Preventive Medical Examination (PMO) package:

Apolipoprotein A1
Blood count A
Vitamin B11 (folic acid)
Vitamin B12
Vitamin D

If you need more information about these blood values, we refer you to the knowledge center or schedule a free consultation.

What does a sick employee cost?

Research has shown that a sick employee costs the employer on average between € 250 and € 400 per day.

Do my employees all have to go to an injection location during working hours?

No, we stand for a personal approach and convenience for the client, so our BIG-registered nurse visits the office and can take blood from the entire staff in a few hours (or spread over days). Look here for more information.

I would like to receive a management report, is that possible?

Yes, after all employees have been examined and everyone has been informed about the result, you will receive a management report from PREPTIC (from 15 people). All names and personal data that can be traced back to a person are omitted. In this way you have a good insight into the health of your workforce and you can anticipate this.

We are also happy to help with the follow-up to this. Could a healthier canteen, a personal trainer at the office or a mind coach that is available to the staff on a weekly basis be a good solution for your employees? Contact us to discuss the possibilities.

My workforce is very international, is that a problem?

That is certainly not a problem! All examinations are offered in Dutch and English, our nurses and doctors are fluent in English and all results and reports are also available in English.

Do you have another question?

If your question is not listed in the frequently asked questions, you can always send us a message. We will contact you as soon as possible to answer your question.

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