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Health checks

Easily gain and maintain control over your health? We offer various health checks to preventively test your health.


You live in the Netherlands and are enjoying life. Probably, you lead a busy and interesting life. You like to be in control of things in your life. However, how much do you actually know about your own health? If you have a problem with your health, the Netherlands is fortunately one of the top countries in Europe when it comes to the organization of health care.

Strangely enough, preventive health checks are not yet widely available. They are often not reimbursed and if someone does not experience any complaints, doctors are reluctant to start research. But you are probably looking for more certainty.

What do we test for?

Vitamins                     Minerals
Thyroid                       Heart
Lungs                         Liver
Bile ducts                  Kidneys
Pancreas                   Stomach
Intestines                  Energy level
Epstein-Barr             Cytomegalovirus

Clear ADVICE AND Concrete follow-up

With the preventive health examinations from PREPTIC you gain insight into the state of your organs, vitamin values ​​and energy level. For this we will collect a blood sample at your home or work. This is analyzed in our laboratory, after which you receive an insightful results report. One of our doctors will provide tailor-made advice during a personal telephone conversation. This advice is based on the questionnaire about your lifestyle and the laboratory results.

Based on this advice, you can opt for a coaching program in which a concrete action plan for health improvement will be written. You will be professionally guided and after approximately 6 months a follow-up examination is planned to measure your health again and to assess whether your goals have been achieved.

Manage your health in 5 steps

Lifestyle check 1

You fill out a questionnaire about your lifestyle and health in a few minutes.

Sample collection 2

Our BIG nurse will take a sample at your home or office.

Laboratory analysis 3

Your sample is analyzed in our ISO-certified laboratory.

Medical consultation 4

You will receive doctor’s advice based on your laboratory results and the lifestyle check.

Roadmap for health improvement (optional) 5

Together with our trained coaches we will work on your health improvement

We recommend that you plan a health check to measure improvement after completing a coaching programme.

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