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Elizabeth Mucklow

Health coach

Elizabeth Mucklow
Psychologist and personal trainer

Region: Amsterdam

Hi! I’m Elizabeth Mucklow, Graduated Psychologist, Personal Trainer, and Dancer! Movement is central to my life and for me it means growth, change, energy, health and pleasure. Personal growth is important to me and I am convinced that we can get more out of ourselves when our body and mind are aligned. In other words: if we stand strong and pay attention to our health.

My mission is to help people feel both mentally and physically fit, strong and confident again. I am mainly focused on young ambitious women between 24-44 years old who no longer recognize themselves when they look in the mirror. Sensitive women who have put on ten pounds or more in recent years, have completely ignored themselves in their careers and everyone around them, and as a result feel burned out, sluggish and less confident. Women who know that it can’t go on like this any longer and who want to work on themselves and who need someone to help them breathe new energy into their lives.

Let me help you!

Using my knowledge in psychology, nutrition and fitness, I have put together a coaching program with which I can help you get your body and mind back in line. At the end of the journey, you will be lighter and you’ll feel healthier, stronger and more confident. All set to live the life you want!