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Vital Organs


What is the condition of your main organs?

You work very hard, but you also enjoy more than average. Because you earned it. You like good food and relaxation. You don’t actually want to change your lifestyle, but you do feel that things can and must be better. You want to set yourself ambitious health goals, but you need to know where you stand now.

This Vital Organs health check provides insight into values ​​associated with the functioning of, among other things, your heart, thyroid and liver. These organs are of vital importance and if they do not function properly you can experience all kinds of complaints such as palpitations, a feeling of restlessness and jaundice. The lifestyle research provides insight into your habits in terms of food, smoking, drinking and coffee consumption.

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Answers to questions related to the Vital Organs health survey can be found here. If you want answers to general questions, check out our FAQ

When do I choose this health check?

You can choose the Vital Organs health check when you want to know the state of your vital organs. Have you taken a measurement before and has your blood pressure increased? Do cardiovascular diseases run in your family? Or are you aware that you do not live healthy and are you curious what this means for your organs?

This health check will provide insight into the status of your heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, thyroid, pancreas and gastrointestinal tract.

What exactly are my vital organs?

Your vital organs are the organs in your body that you need to stay alive; the heart, kidneys, liver and lungs. If one or more of these organs do not function properly, it can be life-threatening.

Do you want to read more about organs? Then take a look at our knowledge center.

On which markers will be tested?

– Free T4

– Glucose
– HbA1c

Liver & Bile ducts
-Gamma GT
– Alkaline phosphatase
– Bilirubin

Heart & Lungs
– Cholesterol (total)
– LDL cholesterol
– HDL cholesterol
– Cholesterol/HDL ratio
– Triglycerides

Kidneys & urinary tract
– eGFR

How do our health checks work?

Make an appointment

After you have chosen your health check, you will be called by a PREPTIC consultant to schedule an appointment for blood collection. Our BIG nurse will take blood at your home or office. Your heart rate and blood pressure are measured and your BMI is calculated. This appointment lasts 30 minutes.

Laboratory analysis

The nurse will ensure that your blood sample is sent by Medical Post to an independent ISO-certified laboratory. After analysis, the results are securely shared with PREPTIC.

Telephone doctor consultation

A doctor will be assigned to your specific health check. The doctor who is responsible for your health check will draw up personal advice based on the results of the laboratory analysis and your lifestyle questionnaire. This will be discussed with you during the 15-minute doctor’s consultation.

Coaching programme

If the doctor recommends a health improvement programme, you can choose to work on your lifestyle and concrete health improvement together with a PREPTIC coach. The aim is to have optimal blood values ​​after 6 months during a possible follow-up health check.

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