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Preventive Medical Examination (PME) is mandatory according to the Working Conditions Act. PREPTIC offers a PME that includes not only a work and lifestyle analysis, but also a blood test.

What is a PME?

Preventive medical examination is a check-up for individuals without specific complaints. It investigates potential risks for health problems. It consists of a questionnaire (for physical and mental health), biometrics (blood pressure, heart rate, and waist circumference) and a blood test. After the examination, you will receive the results in your email, explaining the findings. Additionally, a phone call with one of our doctors is scheduled to discuss your results.

What is the purpose?

The purpose of a PME is to provide insight into your general physical and mental health and identify potential areas for improvement for you and/or your employees.

What does the examination involve?

The examination involves a questionnaire that can be filled out in a secure online environment. Additionally, physical measurements such as blood pressure, heart rate, and waist circumference will be taken. Finally, venous blood will be drawn (from the vein in the elbow crease).Based on the results of these tests, a report will be generated, including a personalized advice written by one of the PREPTIC doctors.

How can you prepare?

It is important to maintain your ‘normal’ diet on the day of the blood draw. Try not to consume products with high sugar or fat content just before the blood draw. Fasting is not necessary for the examination. Wearing comfortable clothing is advisable for easy access to your elbow area during the blood draw. If you’d like to learn more about the blood draw, you can read about it here .

What are the risks of participation?

The examination looks at your general health and related blood values(not blood values related to incurable diseases like cancer or specific rare conditions). However, there might be unexpected results or diagnoses from the examination, such as diabetes. Within 24 hours of receiving your examination results, one of our doctors will call you to explain the results. If necessary, they will refer you to your own general practitioner.

What treatments are possible based on the results?

The PMO results include lifestyle and medical advice. For lifestyle adjustments, PREPTIC has a network of professionals like dietitians, psychologists, physiotherapists, and personal trainers readily available. A plan will be developed during an intake session. If medical conditions arise from the examination the doctor will most likely refer you to your general practitioner. Your general practitioner will then determine if treatment is necessary and which treatment is most suitable for you.

Are there alternative methods of examination?

In the Netherlands, the healthcare system is structured so that you typically only visit the doctor when you have complaints. If you experience complaints, you can consult your general practitioner at any time and request a blood test. However, blood tests are not covered by insurance and must be paid for out of pocket. A PME is preventive, aimed at detecting risks of health conditions and reducing these risks through lifestyle adjustments. Similar health checks can be conducted at various commercial clinics in the Netherlands, but they are also not covered by insurance.

What are the prospects for my health?

The prospects for your health cannot be determined in advance. This depends on your medical history and the outcomes of the examination. We will always provide the best possible advice regarding necessary treatments and adjustments, but we are not responsible for their execution.

How long does the examination take?

The physical examination takes 15 minutes and will occur during working hours. Filling out the questionnaire takes about 10-20 minutes and can be done from home. You will receive the results within 10 business days, and they will be explained in a phone call with the doctor.

How does PREPTIC handle my personal data?

PREPTIC follows all rules set by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) concerning privacy. Your data will be kept for a maximum of 20 years. If you want to access your data, you can send an email to[email protected]. Under no circumstances will data be shared with third parties, including your employer, without written consent from you. If you want to know more about how we handle your personal data, you can read our privacy statement.

What does the result look like?

Your result includes an introduction to each section and personalized advice based on your results. If a result is highlighted in red, it means your blood value deviates from reference values. These values depend on factors like age and gender. On the last page of your result, you can find personalized advice specifically written for you by one of our doctors.

Would you like to arrange a Preventive Medical Examination for your organization? Here, you can find more information about the different possibilities.

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